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Most frequent questions and answers

There is a $200 fee to purchase an option to buy a kitten from Rasputin’s Pride

This will give you a first option to purchase a specific kitten upon availability and up to a set date.

It is non refundable

Our Prices start at $2000.00 and go up. Prices vary depending on Gender, Color, and Pattern.

We accept Cash, PayPal, Zelle or other agreed upon means.

Rasputin’s Pride Maine Coon Kittens are ready for their Purrever Homes between 10 to 12 weeks of age.

Rasputin’s Pride Maine Coon Cattery is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

YES! We do not recommend a cat or kitten EVER be declawed in it’s lifetime!Declawing Fact Sheet

YES! We will only guarantee our Maine Coon Kittens as long as they are kept indoors at all times.

The only exception is if they are taken outside on a leash.

Yes. Rasputin’s Pride guarantees that kitten is free of HCM, SMA, PK and PKDEF the time of the sale.

In the event that HCM, SMA, PK or PKDef is found within one (1) year of purchase, Rasputin’s Pride Cattery agrees to replace kitten with another kitten of equal worth. No medical or shipping costs will be refunded.

Yes. Rasputin’s Pride guarantees that kitten is in sound health and not harboring any disease, virus or parasites that we are aware.

You have 72 hours to have your Maine Coon Kitten examined by a licensed Veterinarian and provide results to Rasputin’s Pride.

We will supply Purchaser with Veterinarian’s certificate.

Details of Health Guarantee are listed in our Kitten Contract.

Yes. Rasputin’s Pride requires all kittens purchased as Pets before 1 year of age.

Recommendation is six (6) months of age for spaying and up to 1 year for neutering.

Yes. Upon receipt of documentation of alteration from a licensed veterinarian, Rasputin’s Pride Maine Coons will provide CFA Registration Instructions. 

We recommend that they have a well balanced diet of mostly raw and freeze dried food.

We are currently leaning towards “Country Naturals” brand. The least amount of additives, no gum and no fillers.

We are currently using freeze dried chicken hearts from SmallBatch.

Cat Nail Trimming Diagram

Cat Nail Trimming diagram