Rasputin's Pride Maine Coons – Phoenix, Arizona

Kona from Rasputin’s Pride

Kona from Rasputin’s Pride Here is baby Kona in the hotel room when his mom, Verna Bridge Blackburn Pederson came to pick him up in Arizona. Verna wanted a Rasputin lookalike and she most definitely got one! By the way, Kona is a mommy’s boy who loves kisses and affection. Here is also an recent …

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Phury Update

Update on Phury Here are updated photos of one of our Rasputin babies who now lives in another state. Phury was such a cute, cuddly little kitten before she left us….She has grown beautifully and already too big to fit comfortably on her mom’s chair. Thank you Chris Meddaugh for taking such good care of …

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Kahleesi aka Onyx

Kahleesi update Kahlessi has just turned one (1)! Her parents are Rasputin’s Pride Nyla and Rasputin himself! Kahlessi’s new mom Kim Z. changed her name from Onyx You can see more pictures of Kahleesi aka Onyx on our Gallery Page.

Welcome to Rasputin’s Pride

We are so happy with our new website design!!! Thank you Fur N Feathered Friends for brining our vision to life! Our “Pride” could not be any happier!


Nefertari & Rasptin’s Baby Akari is a female smoke maine coon kitten from Nefertari & Rasputin. She was born on 12 March 2021