Rasputin's Pride Maine Coons – Phoenix, Arizona

2021-2022 Graduates

Rasputin’s Pride Graduates Graduates from Rasputin’s Pride Maine Coon Cattery from 2021-2022 Our Happy Parents have provided us with updated pictures from all our Maine Coon Kittens from over the last year

Gracie Review

Updated review Gracie will be five months old on April 30th 2022! She is the most incredible cat! She is friendly, lovable & Beautiful!! Plays with both of my dogs, she is feisty, independent, has an opinion of her own, and I love her so so so so much! She is a Diva!💕✨ I can’t …

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Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams As a Breeder, it is important to ensure the health and well being of your kittens.   At Rasputin’s Pride Maine Coon Cattery we make sure each of our Maine Coon kittens receives their wellness exams & reports before leaving us and going to their Purrever Families!

Fiona Update

Fiona’s (fka Yaretzi) new Mom sent us an update on Facebook! “Fiona’s first week has been wonderful! We love her sooo much! She is getting along great with our other kitties.”

Fiala and Nalani Purrever Families

February 19th, Goodbye Fiala and Nalani Today we said goodbye to Fiala and Nalani   It was the greatest pleasure to witness the love these two families showed towards these two babies. As breeders we try and “ vet” our future parents as best we can, and I’m very picky as most know, ( poor …

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Updated Pictures of Phury

Phury all grown up Phury was one of the first kittens from Rasputin and Rasputin’s Pride Cattery. This little girl has grown up so beautifully!

Bellatrix Update

Bellatrix a year later! We received an update on our beautiful Bellatrix who was renamed Grace. Look how she grew into her colors! Such a Lovely Girl!   Bellatrix aka Grace as kitten Bellatrix aka Grace 1 year later

Rasmus & Cryus Update

Rasmus & Cyrus left for their Purrever Homes! These beautiful boys were picked up by their Purrever Families. Pictured are the last pictures we took of the boys and then with their new parents. Rusmus with new mom Rasmus last pic before leaving with new mom Cyrus last pic before leaving with new dad Cyrus …

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Being a Breeder is hard

Being a breeder is hard…by that I mean a reputable and caring breeder. You put a lot in to it …. It is not for everyone. There are times you want to sit down and cry… especially if there is a still birth or a kitten who is not thriving. A lot of money goes …

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Magnetto & Bellamy Update

Happy Home Update! Magnetto & Bellamy were picked up by their new Mom’s over the weekend! Magnetto will stay here in Phoenix and Bellamy’s Mom flew all the way home to Massachusetts! Magnetto Bellamy