Rasputin's Pride Maine Coons – Phoenix, Arizona

Atticus & Rasputin

King Rasputin

King Rasputin Our first Maine Coon King was Rasputin, he came to us from a Reputable breeder in Russia. He is a black tabby Maine coon. He arrived at only five months old. Being understandably shy he crawled under the couch for one minute, turned around and his face peered from under the couch. He immediately came out and greeted us. Since then he has “ ruled” the household. Sometimes he walks from room to room quietly peering around as if to say “ I’m just checking to see everyone is safe and there are no predators”. He absolutely adores my older son. He sits next to him on the couch when he comes back from work and lies with him on his bed. He does not go and lie with anybody else. He rubs up against Jordan and purrs while he head buts him. Rasputin definitely adopted him as his human. Rasputin has a lot of patience with the small kittens. We never leave them unsupervised but when he is allowed in the kitten room he sits watching them play. Even when they crawl all over him and play with his tail he quietly sits and observes. He is definitely Alpha Male Maine Coon in our home. He tolerates the younger males, like Varick who is not yet mature but he growls at Atticus who is mature and sometimes chases him out of his area. Rasputin is a calm cat who loves his “ Pride” and always grooms or checks up on the lady cats.

Many people ask what Rasputin’s dad looks like. Here is his dad and grandfather.

Both live in Russia. Rasputin was brought over by courier in 2019.

Rasputins Pride Maine Coons accent image 2

King Atticus

Rasputins Pride Maine Coons accent image 2

Future King Varick

Varick is a Blue Smoke Maine Coon that comes to us from Russia


This blue smoke boy is extremely active and playful! I can never get a nice photo of him because he is ALWAYS busy. His favorite thing is running around with toys in his mouth. He loves being kissed and hugged and sometimes he feels it necessary to groom our hair, but then he struggles to get away, so that he can jump from counter to counter to sofa, running after the other cats or his toys. He is only a kitten but in a couple of months he will demand his throne next to Rasputin and Atticus!

Rasputins Pride Maine Coons accent image 2