Rasputin's Pride Maine Coons – Phoenix, Arizona

2021-2022 Graduates

Rasputin’s Pride Graduates Graduates from Rasputin’s Pride Maine Coon Cattery from 2021-2022 Our Happy Parents have provided us with updated pictures from all our Maine Coon Kittens from over the last year

Gracie Review

Updated review Gracie will be five months old on April 30th 2022! She is the most incredible cat! She is friendly, lovable & Beautiful!! Plays with both of my dogs, she is feisty, independent, has an opinion of her own, and I love her so so so so much! She is a Diva!💕✨ I can’t …

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Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams As a Breeder, it is important to ensure the health and well being of your kittens.   At Rasputin’s Pride Maine Coon Cattery we make sure each of our Maine Coon kittens receives their wellness exams & reports before leaving us and going to their Purrever Families!

Being a Breeder is hard

Being a breeder is hard…by that I mean a reputable and caring breeder. You put a lot in to it …. It is not for everyone. There are times you want to sit down and cry… especially if there is a still birth or a kitten who is not thriving. A lot of money goes …

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Red Maine Coons!

We have had quite a few Inquiries about our “Red” Maine Coons! I have had a lot of inquiries this week about our red boys so I thought I would post a couple of pics of our Red Rasputin boys Some live here in the valley (Phoenix, AZ) and others live with their new families …

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Daily Socializing

Play Pen time! We spend a lot of time with the babies in the playpen so that they can get used to being loved and touched!

Socializing is important!

Kitten Kisses! Before the sun was up this morning the first thing my daughter did after getting out of bed, after washing her face and hands, she played with and kissed a couple of the kittens. We socialize them from birth. We make sure they are used to the human touch so that when they …

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Bellamy This little beautiful girl, Bellamy, is from Queen Nefertari & King Rasputin’s Late September 2021 Litter. She has already found her Purrever Home, as have all her littermates.

Exciting Times Ahead!

Soon we will be in non sleep mode! We have not been online as much as we want to be, because we have had a very busy week working on the kitten room, getting it ready to welcome new litters in the near future.   We will be able to be reached for a couple …

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Welcome to Rasputin’s Pride

We are so happy with our new website design!!! Thank you Fur N Feathered Friends for brining our vision to life! Our “Pride” could not be any happier!