Rasputin's Pride Maine Coons – Phoenix, Arizona

Planned Litters

At this time, we currently have a 1-year Waiting List for traditional Main coon kittens

Rasputin’s Pride is a CFA registered Maine Coon Breeder in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Our breeding program is limited as we are a small cattery in size, but we can breed rare colors and most importantly, tremendous character due to the research and planning we have done to acquire the perfect Maine Coon breeders. We are also a “closed cattery” which means as Maine Coon Kitten Breeders we can and do control everything about the breeding process, we do not bring in or lend studs from other catteries. The health of our Cats and the Breed is paramount to our cattery.

When deciding on our Maine Coon Breeding plans, there are many considerations when planning breeding’s. Health and proper testing must be in alignment with ethical breeding practices. Although we plan for these mating’s to happen, Mother Nature is always the deciding factor.

May she bless these unions and provide us with adorable and healthy Maine Coon Kittens! Please feel to contact us with any questions you may have. you can view any available kittens as well. Here you can find our CFA registered Cattery, by searching Maine Coon Breeders.

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2023 Plans

January to June

Please remember that although WE may be planning for these litters, Mother Nature may have other plans.

Udyr & Varrick

Rasputin's Pride Maine Coon Queen Udyr
Varick Blue Smoke Maine Coon

Clarissa & Rasputin

Maine coon Queen Clarissa

Halle & Varrick

Varick Blue Smoke Maine Coon